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City of Baie-Comeau

let us welcome you as if you were family! 

Baie-Comeau is an industrial city located on the north shore of the St. Lawrence River in the North Shore region. Located halfway between Tadoussac and Sept-Iles; Baie-Comeau counts over 20,000 inhabitants and even more trees, lakes, and rivers! 

Out here, you are born with nature in your blood. All the wild and wide-open space everywhere allows us to enjoy a calmer lifestyle, close to nature… and far from traffic!  

In Baie-Comeau, you can enjoy parks, ponds, hiking trails, beaches, and even admire whales… all without ever leaving the city!

You’ll be entranced by the dancing waves on the river or by the interplaying lights shining through the stained-glass windows illuminating the glorious frescoes of the Sainte-Amélie Church. At the Jardin des glaciers, you can learn more about the passing of glaciers thousands of years ago and about the current challenges with climate change. 

Friendly and giving, we, Baie-Comois (we like saying, “beau comme moi’’ [beautiful like me]), are thrilled to welcome you and share the secrets of our beloved city. Don’t feel shy to ask us questions! 


Main City of the MUWBR

Baie-Comeau is part of the Manicouagan-Uapishka Biosphere World Reserve (status granted by UNESCO). Baie-Comeau is the main city of one of the world’s largest biosphere reserves: the RMBMU, whose emblem is the Eye of Quebec (the Manicouagan astroblem that serves as a reservoir for the Manic 5 dam), is easily recognizable on any map... and can even be seen from space! 

Sustainable development is at the heart of our financial and social activities in order to become a model region for SD. Accordingly, the Ma Ville Ma Voix initiative is a flagship project that is quickly spreading across Quebec.

We love hockey, of course!

Winter is part of us, and winter means… hockey. Quite often, hockey is the main topic during coffee breaks in the cold season. We dare you to find a better atmosphere than the one we have during a Drakkar series game! Snowmobiling and snow trekking (whether it’s on foot, cross-country skiing, snowshoeing, or even Fatbiking) are also part of our North Shore DNA. Since we get so much snow, we might as well make it our friend!

We have a fondness for arts and culture!

Culture has a special place in our hearts. Events, such as the Baie-Comeau Painting Symposium (nothing less than the largest symposium of figurative art in North America!) or Cinoche, an International Film Festival (renowned among artisans across the province and has been drawing crowds for over 30 years), to name a few, are unique opportunities to be inspired by local and international talent. 

Welcome to La Manic! 

Baie-Comeau, a vast landscape full of heart, offers you a unique and unforgettable experience. We look forward to welcoming you with open arms!

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