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Art Gallery & Exhibition

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Unwind and dream in colour, imagining yourself in the landscape of a freshly painted canvas. 

Culture abounds here, as there is no shortage of talented artists who have decided to call Baie-Comeau home. You can enjoy exhibition rooms and art galleries that let you be transported to different worlds. Admire the creativity of our artists or learn more about history. 

Art Gallery 

Claude Bonneau Art Gallery (Marquette area)

The Claude Bonneau Art Gallery (a renowned painter from Baie-Comeau) isn’t a  traditional gallery! Through Bonneau creations, we find tons of antique artefacts that create a unique and warm atmosphere. Don’t get too attached to some artefacts, as they aren’t for sale. Everything is exhibited for the beauty of the décor that accompanies the unique colour palette chosen by the internationally acclaimed painter. 

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Claude Bonneau Art Gallery

13 Place La Salle

G4Z 1J8

L’Alternative (Marquette area)

L'Alternative houses three organizations dedicated to the creation and diffusion of art. Each year, this exhibition hall welcomes several travelling exhibitions from local and international artists. The presentation room also supports emerging and next-generation artists. If you’re lucky, you might even be able to see the artists in action!

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27 Place La Salle


G4Z 1J8

H4: Corrid’Art (Marquette area)

At Corrid'Art, located on the second floor of the Mance Pavilion, you can discover local and international visual artists whose works stop here for a few weeks. At your own pace, you can enjoy dozens of creations, soaking up the artist's creative spirit. 

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L’art est un miroir, histoire de la peinture au Canada par Jérémie Giles
This exhibition offers 80 works by the well-known Jérémie Giles, each representing a significant artist in Canadian art history. Each work has its own style and is accompanied with a short biography prepared by Mr. Giles. Can you name them without looking at the description?

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41 Mance Avenue


G4Z 1M6

Exhibit at second floor


Artwork, Events or Organizations

Bronze Sculpture of the Honourable Brian Mulroney 

In addition to being a master painter whose reputation is well established, Mr. Giles is also an expert sculptor. During his long career, he has created numerous works to honour public figures, including the bust of his friend and 18th Prime Minister of Canada: Brian Mulroney. The artist carved the features of the man he knew when the two lived in Baie-Comeau in the 1950s. The smiling and enigmatic face in front of Baie-Comeau’s City Hall was born from memory and photographs. 

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Figurative Art Symposium (Marquette area) postponed to 2022

Each June, close to 30 highly talented artists get together for the Baie-Comeau Painting Symposium. At every booth, you can meet the artists and discover their chosen techniques and passion. With hundreds of works painted on site, this prestigious event is the largest Figurative Art Symposium in North America; nothing less! It’s no surprise that Baie-Comeau residents are such avid art lovers. For over 30 years now, you can purchase original works during this unique annual event. 

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Baie-Comeau Painting Symposium
31 Le Gardeur Avenue
Baie-Comeau G4Z 1E8

North Shore Historical Society (Marquette area)

Each year, from June to September, exhibitions about a variety of topics that have influenced the socio-economic, cultural, or sports development of Baie-Comois and North-Shorers are presented in their exhibition hall. If you thought you knew the region and its history well, you might be surprised and learn some unexpected facts! 

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North Shore Historical Society
2 Place La Salle
Baie-Comeau (Quebec)
G4Z 1K3
Téléphone: 418-296-8228

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