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Our brand

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(We've got time to…)

Baie-Comeau, it’s about...
Welcoming tourists as if they were family.
Sharing our warmth, pride, and history.

Baie-Comeau, it’s about...
Relaxing with your feet in the water and letting yourself be rocked by the waves.
Discovering the glacial grooves and walking on an unexplored trail.
Being breathless in the face of greatness.

Baie-Comeau, it’s about...
Stopping and making memories.
Staying longer to prolong the fun.

Above was the starting point for defining Baie-Comeau’s uniqueness in comparison to other cities with similar profiles in Quebec. We also wanted to highlight distinctive elements in relation to other Côte-Nord municipalities that offer access to the river and to nature as common attractions.

The pace of life in Baie-Comeau is calmer. We don’t get stuck in traffic. We’re only a few minutes from the river, the trails, and the restaurants. The people here are friendly. Nature compels us to stop and admire it. For those who seek time… it’s here in Baie-Comeau! 

What are we always running out of? Time. What’s our main excuse for putting off a project? Lack of time. Why are we always so excited for a vacation? To make time.  

Take the time to… The slogan that will make Baie-Comeau stand out. 

BC slogan - 2 colors white background.png

We pushed the concept further by referring to video cameras used to capture our vacation memories. For this reason, “play” and “pause” buttons were added to the Baie-Comeau logo. We wanted to depict that here you can take the time to play, relax, and take a break. Our region’s residents are known for their hospitality. So, take the time to be welcomed, informed, and to live memorable experiences. 

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