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Walk along the Manicouagan River and watch flocks of geese or admire a Great blue heron. 

An easily accessible park for families

The Manicouagan Park borders the river of the same name for over 3 kilometres. The path is ideal for young and older children. With its grassy area and picnic area, it’s a great place to sit down and recharge your batteries. 

Interpretation panels are set up along the path and you can also find a wooded area with tall grass to make the location even more relaxing and zen-like. 

A flat cycling path

Baie-Comeau has tons of cycling paths and enchanting landscapes. Cyclists and rollerbladers will be charmed by the paved path accessible year-round. What could be better than admiring the colours of the setting sun reflecting off the Manicouagan River while jogging or cycling?

Coordinates :

   - Hélène Boulevard
   - René-Bélanger Boulevard

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