Lace up your skates and glide around until the tip of your nose freezes

There are so many good reasons to enjoy winter! You will find many indoor and outdoor skating rinks in the city of Baie-Comeau. For afternoons of outdoor skating, dress warmly to protect yourself against the north-shore wind and so you can enjoy the outdoors even longer! 

Indoor Municipal Skating Rinks 

The city of Baie-Comeau offers free skating and family skating sessions for free at its 2 arenas, each with 2 indoor skating rinks.  Have fun with the family while keeping warm and sheltered from the weather.  It’s the perfect place to introduce little ones to the sport! 

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Henry-Leonard Centre (Marquette sector)
70  Michel-Hémon Avenue
Baie-Comeau (Quebec) 
G4Z 2A5

Henri-Desjardins Centre (Mingan sector)
650 Henri Street
Baie-Comeau (Quebec) 
G5C 2K3

Outdoor municipal skating rinks 

In winter, from December to March weather permitting, many outdoor skating rinks have free public access 7 days a week. They can be used for a friendly hockey game. Or you can simply to enjoy the river's scenery in the background at the Parc des Pionniers ice rink.

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Parc des Pionniers Skating Rink (Marquette sector)
2 Cabot Avenue
Baie-Comeau (Quebec) 
G4Z 1L8
Accessible building

Saint-Sacrement Skating Rink (Mingan sector)
2269 Alice Street
Baie-Comeau (Quebec) 
G5C 0A8
Accessible building

Trudel Skating Rink (Marquette sector)
Accessible via D’Astous street or Place Drapeau
Accessible building

Saint-Georges Skating Rink (Marquette sector)
31 Le Gardeur Avenue 
Baie-Comeau (Quebec) 
G4Z 1E4

Henry-Leonard Centre Outdoor Skating Rink (Marquette sector)
70 Michel-Hémon Avenue
Baie-Comeau (Quebec) 
G4Z 2A5



20 avenue Cartier,

Baie-Comeau, QC

G4Z 0A2 

(418) 296-8178

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