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Champlain Beach
Have some fun at the beach or be lulled by the sound of the waves all while admiring the view.
A beach accessible to the public for free, 2 minutes from downtown! 

The Champlain Beach can be accessed via both Champlain Avenue and Parc des pionniersYou can enjoy the natural landscapes without the crowds and without ever leaving the city. 

Kids will love combing for seashells and seaweed, digging to China (shh…let’s keep it a secret. Why ruin the fun?), studying crayfish, climbing on rocks, participating in sandcastle competitions, and getting their feet wet. As we say here: once you’re in the water, it’s not so bad! 

At low tide, you can walk to the famous “sandbank” in Manon Briand’s movie: La Turbulence des fluides. 

Practical information:

Swimming is permitted, but it is at your own risk as there are no lifeguards on site. Most importantly, know your limits: swimming in the waves is very different from swimming in a pool.

Keep an eye out for the rising tide to avoid any surprises. The closest public washrooms are located in Parc des pionniers. Make sure to use them before leaving for the beach. 

Coordinates :

Entrances :

  • Champlain Street

  • Parc des Pionniers

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