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Discover the marine world.

Here, the river is more often compared to the sea than a large river! For a unique experience, dive into the underworld of the river and discover the porpoises, seals, and rorquals (quite dreamy!). 

Several sites are accessible in and around Baie-Comeau, including the marina, the Fjard St-Pancrace, and the Garde-feu Bay. On some sites, you can take a break and have a picnic before the next boat launch.

With an average temperature of 5 degrees Celsius in the summer, a wetsuit is necessary!


The Aquatile Dive Centre offers dive training at about ten diving sites around Baie-Comeau as well as equipment for rent or for sale. Aquatile also offers the services of a diving guide and even the possibility of renting a zodiac boat to enhance your diving adventures. You’ll be in awe about the thousands of anemones and marine mammals, almost as surprised as they are with meeting humans so far from the shore! 

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Aquatile, diving shop and scuba diving school
822 Bossé Street, Baie-Comeau, QC G5C 1R3
Phone:  514-808-9094

Horaires des marées

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