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Photo: Dominique Francoeur

Discovery tour of the St. Lawrence River

If there is one breathtaking landscape that you cannot miss during your visit to us, it is the St. Lawrence River.   We invite you to immerse yourself in the wonderful marine world to discover the riches of our territory. 

  • Live an experience ofsea fishing withpirsuq expeditionwill allow you to discover the multitudesspeciesfound in the river: cod, redfish, mackerel. Here we go!

  • To fully experience the river, what could be better than quietly paddling to the sound of the waves lapping on itskayak? Nordic attitudeoffers you a multitude of choices for a successful kayak trip. 

  • For a short walk along the river,Pioneer Parkwill fill you withhappiness. 

  • You are fond of hiking, the paths of the spray will allow you tocontemplate the riverover some portions of its 23 kilometres. The trail was born from a citizens' initiative in 2019.

Good discovery!

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