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Pioneer Park


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Walk along the water, from the beach to the marina.

An exceptional site on the shores of the St. Lawrence River

The Parc des Pionniers is a multifunctional park with a children’s playground, an outdoor gym, a large stage, a petanque court, some picnic areas, a cycling path, giant megaphones, a wooded trail, an ice-cream booth, and more! 

You can walk or cycle to the marina to watch boat departures and make a loop back through the woods to enjoy a different view and a private waterfall. 

There is so much to do! You can spend the day playing ball, flying a kite, and playing on the rocks. Your kid suddenly feels an urge during your picnic; no worries, there is a sanitary block on site. 

This is where the fun is! 

This park also hosts several events throughout the summer, such as the Eau Grand Air Festival and the North Shore Beer Festival, due to its large outdoor stage.  

Ephemeral sculptures brighten up the park and then leave room for others to continue the magic, the moment of a season. 

Skating with a view of the river

In winter, you can enjoy the usual sugar shack party during spring break and go skating in the ice rink to the rhythm of the music.

Beach Access  

We can hit two birds with one stone by visiting the Champlain beach, accessible via the Parc des Pionniers near the Le Manoir de Baie-Comeau hotel.  You can also launch your kayak or paddle board into the water there. 

Incredible to think that...  

This park, located along the St. Lawrence River, was built on a former bark landfill fifty years ago. Today, the Arbori Trail in Parc des Pionniers is a highly productive ecosystem, filled with trees, flowers, and even a pond and waterfall for birds.

The Parc des Pionniers project was made possible thanks to the generous financial contribution of the federal government at the time, from the "nice guy from Baie-Comeau": Brian Mulroney, who was Prime Minister of Canada from 1984 to 1993.


The people of Baie-Comeau are proud of this place as it shows that it is always possible to rehabilitate a neglected site if we all work together. 

Coordinates :


- Cabot avenue

- Cartier avenue

- Maritime road

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