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The Fjard St-Pancrace Lookout

A lookout accessible from Road 138, a few minutes from Baie-Comeau!

You’ll never get tired of this view

The St-Pancrace Lookout is located 8 kilometres East of Baie-Comeau. It has a stunning view at 600 metres high (almost 2,000 feet for those using the Imperial system)! It’s accessible via the parking lot available on the side of Road 138 (on the right when arriving from Baie-Comeau).

This is the best view of the fjard (yes fjard and not fjord), the Anse St-Pancrace, and the  St. Lawrence River which stretches are far as the eye can see. You will be in awe.   

This spot witnessed the passage of the glaciers. This grandiose landscape will make you feel small on our vast planet. This is a place where you NEED to take a selfie!

If you walk up to the summit, you can also see Lac Lowe on the other side of Road 138. You can picnic on a flat rock overlooking the cliff. If you’re afraid of heights, take a couple steps back and make friends with the spruce trees! 

St-Pancrace... why does that name ring a bell? 

During the alcohol prohibition era in the 1930s, smugglers hid in this very bay to make their illegal deliveries! This story inspired the name of our national microbrewery! 

Important Information:  

Please note that you have to climb a few dozen stairs to reach the top. We can’t give you an exact number of stairs as we keep losing count because of the hypnotic view! If you do manage to count them all, please let us know!  

If you are afraid of heights, you can stop at a landing point and admire the view from there, comfortably seated on a bench.

You can access this lookout in winter as well with good hiking boots. 

GPS coordinates:

138 road, 8 km east from Baie-Comeau

GPS: 49.2404736, -68.1705472

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