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Colonel McCormick Statue


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Take a “selfie” with Colonel McCormick in his bronze canoe

A tribute to the founder of Baie-Comeau

How can you prove you’ve visited Baie-Comeau if you don’t have a picture with the Colonel? Inaugurated in 1956, the bronze monument is a “must see”. You can eat a bite in his presence at the nearby picnic tables all while admiring the view of Old Baie-Comeau.

The famous canoe is located at the end of Place LaSalle. There, you will find Colonel Robert Rutherford McCormick, founder of Baie-Comeau and owner of the Chicago Tribune, in his vessel. He often visited the region in and discovered the North Shore, where he dreamed of building his own pulp and paper mill. 

One man’s work and a picturesque view

The statue was erected in front of the paper mill he founded. There, he contemplates his mill. Behind him, the view is exceptional with the St. Lawrence River in background, the Parc des Pionniers, and the heritage district of Sainte-Amélie. Incidentally, this district and its church were named after the Colonel’s wife.

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